Monday September 1, 2014

True Blue

True Blue is a behind the scenes look at the making of a porno - kind of. Actually it's about this guy who is a writer that also writes porn scripts. In the first scene we actually get to see Kira, one is playing a porn star in the movie this guy writes and the director of the movie who is also her boyfriend. They briefly discuss their two upcoming movies and then put in a video with a guy spanking some nasty looking chick. She's fat, ugly and wears glasses with no makeup. You would be hard pressed to find a scankier girl in adult entertainment. Luckily however they don't focus to much on her and go right back to the unbelievably beautiful Kira Kener.

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The next scene brings us to a rehearsal for the actual shoot of the movie. The actors and actresses go through their lines and clear up any sex questions they may have. Not a real sexual scene but it's not really supposed to be either. The next scene we get to find out what porn stars do when they aren't making porn. The writer goes back to his hotel room and calls an escort service. The escort that shows up is none other than that April chick from the Facade movie I told you about. Again, she doesn't look that bad - more like a stripper though than a Vivid girl, but considering the people she's working with in this movie, she actually looks great. Although without a doubt, no Kira Kener. Kira looks great in this movie. The guy who actually did the camera work on this movie did a great job showing off Kira's body, including her super flat stomach, fine ass, large breasts and very tight pussy. In fact in the first scene you could tell the guy was used to working with some more experienced porn stars that have larger pussies because he had a hard time not coming when he stuck his cock in Kira's tight pussy.

The other female star of the movie goes back to an adult bookstore she used to work at and visits the back room. Only this back room isn't like the one in most of them. Instead of watching a naughty movie in the back room, instead you watch a live lesbian show. Pretty good scene with some great lesbian action. The next scene is the making of the movie itself and Bobby Vitale steps in to take on the girls. The writer watches from afar and the way it ends will leave you saying WHAT THE HELL????!!!

Overall I would say this was an okay movie was some pretty good sex scenes. Kira Kener looked GREAT and although I wouldn't call this her best work, it's a video you will want to check out if you're a major Kira fan.

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