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Kira Kener's Biography

It all began in 1998 when this exotic Eurasian beauty, then working as a feature dancer in North Carolina made a phone call to her agent to ask how she could get work as a box cover model for adult movies. As her agent laughed and told her that she actually had to appear in the movies to get on the cover she decided that, that was in fact what she was going to try. Before this time Kira had only ever seen one or two scenes of a porno in her life so she asked around and found out that Vivid was the company to work for so she gave them a call and told them she wanted a contract. The very next day Vivid flew her out and she signed her contract with them.

With exclusive contract in hand, Vivid went on to name her as one of the celebrated "Vivid Girls". Her first movie with Vivid was in 1999 and was called "Nurses". In March 2002, Kira appeared in Playboy's "Sizzling Porn Star Pictorial" gracing the cover along with fellow Vivid hottie, Dasha. In December of 2002 she was picked as the Penthouse Pet of the Month and was the subject of a lavish pictorial in the magazine.

Watching magicians perform their wonders may be her hobby off-screen, but Vivid Girl Kira Kener certainly creates her own magic on screen. The petite 5’4” Eurasian beauty was born to a Vietnamese mother and Norwegian father and was raised in San Jose, California. Open, honest and fun loving, Kira’s favorite movie of all time is “Pretty Woman.” Born August 11, 1974 this 5' foot 4 inch goddess of erotica has pretty much always gone by the name Kira Kener but from time to time you will see others making the mistake of calling her Kira Kenner (two N's instead of one) or Kara Kener. Kira Kener has won awards as an International Trade Show Model, Miss Dollhouse of America, Exotic Dancer Cover Girl (1998), Miss Nude Asia (1997) and was voted 1998's Best Stage Performer.

Kira Kener stayed with Vivid and watched her popularity and fan base rise from 1999 to 2005. There are a few who claim that her Vivid website was the second most popular Vivid girl website, however that was later proven to be false. Our inside sources have told us that Kira Kener's popularity as a Vivid girl was never even in the top 10. It seems that in the line up of Vivid girls, they always considered our lovely miss Kira's a niche market and as such, her popularity was limited by the size of her limited market base. She never gained the world wide acceptance like some of the other Vivid girls (former and present) such as Briana Banks, Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick or even Racquel Darrian. Our own research shows that Kira was and is a top 10 porn star, but perhaps not quite as famous as some are saying. If you were to base porn star popularity off of how many times a person searches for them on the internet, then Kira Kener is very much in the top 10 porn stars. I'm sure there are a lot of other factors that would go into determining the REAL top ten such as sales data and awards won and money made, etc. but when it comes to the fans, it shows that Kira Kener is still a force to be recockened with. As of January 2007, here is a list of the top 10 most popular porn stars based on how many times in the month fans searched for them.

  • 1) Jenna Jameson (401,828)
  • 2) Tera Patrick (147,600)
  • 3) Briana Banks (146,036)
  • 4) Amy Reid (58,649)
  • 5) Eva Angelina (51,200)
  • 6) Devon (48,213)
  • 7) Tory Lane (34,089)
  • 8) Kira Kener (33,790)
  • 9) Lanny Barby (31,232)
  • 10) Nina Mercedez (30,660)
In 2005 Kira Kener and Vivid had an ugly parting of ways. I won't bore you with all the details but it ended up in a big lawsuit that Kira Kener actually won. She officially changed her real name from Stephanie Knain to Kira Kener and then trademarked it. The amount of money that Kira Kener actually won from Vivid our secret sources say was trivial but what was important was that for the first time a porn star sued a big movie company for the rights to her name and image and won. In several interviews slightly before, during and just after the lawsuit it because evident that all Kira really wanted was a little appreciation and respect from the company she not only worked with but represented for 6 years of her life.

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